Order Samples of our Print Types

As designers of stationery for special events it’s important for us to give our clients stationery that is unique and personal to them. Our custom suites can be tweaked according to your needs, and with our bespoke stationery the opportunities are endless!

To help guide you through the sea of options we have print sample packs available for purchase. These include selections of all our print methods from a range of stationery items we have created.

Here’s is an overview of our print methods to give you an idea of what can be in your sample pack:


Hot Foil
This design is made on a bespoke plate then impressed into the cardstock with foil leaving a luxe finish.

Hot foil printing can be beautifully combined with digital printing.


Blind Emboss/Deboss
This design is letterpress printing without ink or foil which creates a subtle sculptural impression.

An embossed design is raised against the background of the cardstock.

A debossed design is sunken into the surface of the material and can protrude on the reverse side of the design.


Digital Foil
This is a more economical choice for smooth cardstock only, which adds foil detail without the impression into the cardstock that hot foil provides.


Digital Print
This is perfect for an unrestricted range of colours and artwork design.

Digital print can be beautifully combined with hot foil or blind embossing/debossing.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you in helping you create your dream stationery!

£15 Including Postage

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