When Should You Order Your Wedding Stationery?

In this blog we’re going to share with you our insights into when you should order your wedding stationery. We know that this isn’t a new topic, however, we want to explain our take as it is a little different! Your wedding stationery reflects you as a couple and your wedding. It is highly personalised (if done correctly) and sets the tone for your wedding. From when you send your Save the Dates it gives your guests an insight into what your special day will be like. That’s a big deal!

Our Philosophy

At London Paper Crafts we create distinctive luxury stationery and believe that it should be personal and unique to you.  Because we want you to look back on in years to come and know that it really represented you, your style, and your event. This all takes time, which lead us onto our topic of when to order your wedding stationery…

Wedding Stationery Timelines

Here are our pretty Timelines to help you plan your wedding stationery from the very start of your planning. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love ticking off an item of a to-do list for a job well done?!

You’ll find two timelines here, one for weddings in your locality, and one for destination weddings, as they are a tiny bit different. This difference we’ve discussed at length with our fellow industry friends, such as our good friend and bridal designer Lisa Carrington Couture* who has a wealth of experience working with destination brides.

After reading this blog you’ll be  fully equipped to know exactly when to order your wedding stationery.



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A timeline showing when you should order your wedding stationery for local weddings A timeline showing when you should order your wedding stationery for destination weddings

You’re Engaged!

Congratulations you’re engaged- hurrah, the adventure begins!

It’s time to shop for engagement party invitations. Here, think about the type of party you’re going to have. Is it going to be relaxed, or more formal? Will there be a colour scheme?  This needs to be reflected in the style of your invitation.

When should you order your engagement party invitations?

As soon as you have booked your venue & have your guest list ready!

The Guest List

It is a good idea to plan your guest list for your wedding as soon as possible. This will help you determine your venue, affect your budget, and help in your organisation of your big day. We recommend to plan your guest list 9-12 months beforehand. Therefore a big “Wedmin” task is complete before the intricacies of wedding planning are upon you!

Save the Dates

When should you order your Save the Dates? For a wedding in your locality, we recommend that you send your Save the Dates at least 8- 12 months before your special event. For a destination wedding we recommend that you send your Save the Dates 11- 12 months beforehand. Therefore, you can allow your guests time to start researching transport and accommodation (if need be!). Speaking from experience of planning a destination wedding in a remote area of Scotland, we found it helpful to send our Save the Dates shortly after we booked our venue. It certainly helped us with limiting the questions about our special day. We all know there are SO MANY questions that are asked as soon as you’re engaged!

Wedding Invitations

At London Paper Crafts we believe one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is when you design and send your wedding invitations.  They heighten anticipation for you and your guests! Your invitation suite hints to your guests what big day will really be like. The events of the day, weekend, or even week will be detailed here and will hint at your chosen theme; be it soft spring, bright summer colours or sleek Christmas. The whole wedding design is alluded to in your invitation, so it is important to get it right!

When should you order your wedding invitations?

We recommend speaking to your stationer 3 months before you want to send your wedding invitations. It takes 6-8 weeks for a custom invitation suite design to delivery and 8-10 weeks for a bespoke. Therefore, if you’re getting married in your locality you should be speaking to your wedding stationer 4-6 months before your big day. For destination weddings it should be 8-9 months beforehand. We recommend that you send your wedding invitations 2 months beforehand for a local wedding and 3- 6 months beforehand for a destination wedding.

On the Day Stationery

At London Paper Crafts, we offer a range of both bespoke and customisable stationery suites from Save the Dates to On the Day items such as welcome signs, table plans, table numbers, place cards, menus and many more. You can create so many beautiful pieces of decorative stationery from paper and we love creating these for your big day.

When should you order your on the day stationery?

For both local and destination weddings, you should order your On the Day items 4-8 weeks before the big day itself. If you are working with the same stationer (which we recommend) the designs can be done in advance. At this stage, it can simply be a case of adding guest names and the finishing touches- which alleviates a lot of stress on the countdown to the biggest day of your life!

Post-Wedding Thank You

You’ve enjoyed your big day and it’s time to thank your guests for the best day of your life. Receiving post that isn’t bills nowadays is rare, nothing quite beats a good old-fashioned handwritten note thanking you for spreading joy. Etiquette experts suggest that you should send your thank you cards 4-8 weeks after your wedding.

When should you order your thank you cards?

We recommend that you order your Thank You cards with your on the day stationery.  If you’d like to add an image or two from your wedding, the design can be created then sent to print with photos afterwards. Why do we recommend this? It makes your life easy so you can fully enjoy that post-wedding bliss!

We feel lucky to be part of an industry that brings people so much joy. In a little way we are helping you achieve your dreams for your special event and bringing your vision to life!

We hope we have solved the mystery of when you should order your wedding stationery. If have any questions, or want to chat about designing your wedding stationery, you can contact us here.

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