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We are Janine (the creative one) and Paul (the techie one), partners in business and in life; we’re getting married in July 2020 (fingers crossed, what with the whole Corona situation) so are excitedly creating our own wedding stationery in readiness for our big day! We work from our home studio in North West London where we print, press, and assemble the stationery we create for our clients across the U.K.

We are both detail-orientated and passionate about creating luxury invitations and stationery that is exactly as our customers envisage; we use a range of printing methods and materials which gives us endless opportunities in creating the wedding and event stationery you dream of! Born from a love of creating stationery for the special people in our lives London Paper Crafts was formed. We love to see the joy on people’s faces when they receive stationery that is personal to them; you can’t beat the look and feel of having beautiful stationery in your hands! In fact, this inspired our tagline – Luxury You Can See & Feel.


Our Backstory

From a young girl I was creative – painting, drawing, creating cards for relatives, even flower-pressing and perfume-making in my countryside home in Yorkshire. I had a long career in teaching but didn’t feel truly satisfied that I was really helping people; I felt that teaching became more of a numbers game rather than helping students learn and grow. I had dreamt of having my own wedding and event invitation and stationery business, the time came when, after several years of multiple spinal surgeries I could turn that dream into a reality. I had plenty of time at home, which meant I could be creative once again – I sat on our sofa creating cards and invitations for relatives and friends and built up my collection of creative tools once more. I knew then I had to leave teaching behind and seize the opportunity to launch London Paper Crafts!


Our Passions

I am creative, and love language and meeting people but maths and accounting are not my strong suit, that’s where Paul comes in – he’s a technical and mathematical whizz with a degree in maths and computer science; he is the brains behind anything in our business relating to numbers and coding. Our passions complement each other – Paul keeps the cogs turning and constantly works to improve the London Paper Crafts website, adapt our pricing, and generally make sure we’re ticking over. As the creative one, I love to turn your ideas into reality, as cheesy as it sounds, knowing I have helped you turn your vision into reality brings me real joy. I feel like in a small way I am helping you achieve your dream wedding or special celebration.


Our Service to you

We offer a friendly, kind, and personalised service. We believe it is really important to create a connection with our clients to really understand who you are, what you want, and your vision, so we can create stationery unique to you and your event. We want to really get to know you, so we create life-long relationships and support your big life events with invitations and on the day items that are perfect for your celebration at every life stage. Our aim is to create distinctive luxury stationery, personal and unique to you and which you can look back on in years to come and know that it really represented you, your style, and your event.

We really hope you enjoyed learning a little more about us and London Paper Crafts.

We feel lucky to be part of an industry that brings people so much joy. In a little way we are helping you achieve your dreams for your special event and bringing your vision to life. We offer a wide range of both bespoke and customisable stationery suites to allow your creative juices to flow too along with us.

If you would like to get in touch to talk some more about what we offer you can contact us here. We love to chat!

Our passion for creating unique stationery for a unique wedding can be seen in a recent blog post on Magpie wedding which you can read here…


Thank you so much for reading our story and we look forward to working with you to making your event truly special!

Stay safe!

With love, Janine & Paul x


Inspiration for this piece came from:
A talk by The Timeless Stylist: https://thetimelessstylist.co.uk/
Magpie Wedding: https://www.magpiewedding.com/


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